Cadet Life

The role of a cadet is that of an officer-to-be. It's a challenge and an opportunity to develop your leadership skills and solidify your goals of self advancement.

During your time in the Gehonorguardneral Military Course (GMC) in the freshman and sophomore years, you will learn to work as a team in all aspects of physical and mental growth.

As part of the Professional Officer's Course (POC), you will gain knowledge and experience as you learn from leaders in the Air Force and focus your efforts to the kickoff of your military career.

In addition to normal college life, the week of an AFROTC cadet will include leadership training through an Aerospace Studies class, taught by your cadre of Air Force and Space Force Officers. During this time of study, the principles of leadership will be taught and discussed with your classmates. The AFROTC week also includes three physical training sessions a week designed to prepare you for field training, and on into your Air Force or Space Force career. The week culminates in a Leadership Laboratory that emboldens you and your classmates to meet all aspects of the rigors of active duty.

The closeness that forms among cadets extends out of the classroom. The AFROTC Living Learning Community is always alive with activity, and mentorship from the upperclassmen doesn't have a dull moment.

Train hard, study harder, and always aim high.